Wednesday, September 25, 2019

baby B | the nursery

Baby B's nursery was originally our guest room when we moved into our house in December. so, we had guest room furniture in the nursery for a while until we figured out what we were going to keep and what we would get rid of. we got our crib pretty early because my grandmother bought it for us, so we had the crib set up with a bunch of dressers and cedar chests blocking it for a long time. we finally got all of that furniture out of the room towards the end of the summer, and I couldn't believe how open the room felt!

we moved our only matching set of dressers into the nursery for Baby B, and left the small cedar chest as an extra closet. then we moved a few bookshelves in, and the nice swivel recliner that my in-laws got for us! I wasn't sure how all of this furniture was going to fit into the space, but the room actually still feels super spacious because it's open in the middle! we aren't the kind of people who buy matching sets of furniture (hence why we only have one matching set of dressers, and that's because they were Thomas's as a kid haha) but I think the white/gray/brown goes together well. that's pretty much the whole color scheme of the room anyways! haha

after our first two baby showers, we started to organize the room and put things into place. then we were able to put stuff in it's "spot." when it hit a month until his due date, we hung the decor on the wall, and made sure all the sheets/blankets/onesies were washed and put up. if you notice, we've already got like 30 stuffed animals in his room which is kinda crazy! half of the stuffies are actually mine that i had as a kid! the brown bookshelf we were going to use as a bookshelf, until we realized we had too many books for it! haha so we moved the white bookshelf in (my dad actually made it) for the books and ended up putting some of the stuffies on the brown bookshelf. I'm not sure I want to keep it like that, but for now it works I guess! 

we aren't doing a set theme really, but I wanted to do a mountains/woodland critter feel because those are the things we love. I love foxes so you'll notice a lot of fox stuff, but then we've got the bears and other critters represented also. it was fun to just find random things that all fit together to make this room feel cozy for Baby B! we love the way it came out, and can't wait to bring him home to his room! it is crazy spending months putting a room together for this little life that will be coming to the world... and now we can't wait for him to be here! we're ready for you Baby B! :)

Monday, September 23, 2019

the first date | year nine

yesterday, we went on our first date for the 9th time. we re-live our first date every year on September 22 and it's one of my favorite things about kicking off autumn. (2011-2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018) i mean it's basically just going out for coffee, but it's a lot of fun! and we always end up talking about how things have changed over the past year, this year is no exception since we have a baby on the way! (like....soon....due in 3 weeks!)

last year, on year eight, we hadn't begun talking about having a child yet. we were planning on building a house and weren't looking to buy one. a few things fell through with building a house, and we ended up buying our house in December. around that same time we started talking about having a child, and in February we found out that baby B had been created! now, as we celebrate our 9th time of going on our first date, we are only a few weeks away from meeting our little boy!

I had to decorate our cups with Mama B and Papa B because that's the biggest change in the past year! my job has changed a few times since last September also, which is crazy to think about! i was PRN (as needed) last year at this time, and didn't know yet when (or if) a full time position would be available. i ended up starting full-time in the ER at the end of October (11a-11p rotation w/ every other weekend), and then switched to a new hospital and Monday-Friday job this past July. i have worked for the same hospital system for the past year and a half since graduating from grad school, but have essentially had 3 different "jobs". 

i was hoping for some cooler weather this year, since our first date is always around the official beginning of fall. but no such luck! we had a few fall feeling mornings leading up to the weekend, but then the weekend was in the 80's again. our date was on a Sunday this year, so it was nice to have a weekend day to take our coffee and hang out at the lake/park and just chat. mostly dreaming about how we've been together for 8 years & how life will change next month when baby B arrives!

Friday, September 20, 2019

baby showers

we will end up having four total baby showers for baby B! I was expecting one or two, so it was fun that so many people wanted to celebrate our little boy! the first three were hosted by friends and family, and all did the woodland critter theme! even though they were all the same theme, they were all so incredibly different but all so adorable! 

our fourth shower is being done by Thomas's work, and it will be a co-shower for us and his coworker who is pregnant the month after us! It will be just a week before baby B's due date, so I wanted to share some pictures from the first 3 showers before life gets hectic and I forget! There were so many cute decorations at all of our showers, and we appreciate all the work that went into them all! 

shower #1

shower #2

shower #3

Monday, September 16, 2019

birthday weekend in the mountains

Thomas and i decided to go on a quick mountain weekend trip for my birthday weekend at the end of august. it was a great weekend to go, because the weather was in the 50s-60s over that weekend and it felt like fall! the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool, hot tub, creek, deck, and a lobby full of games like pool and air hockey. it was a really cool place and we enjoyed it! i will enjoy it more when i can get in the hot tub though, for sure! baby can't get in the hot tub but i did let my feet take a dip, because hot tubs are my favorite! 

we just kinda hung around, exploring the little mountain towns around our hotel, getting cookies, playing air hockey, and going to thrift stores. we set up our tripod and took a few bump pictures together, because we aren't doing an official maternity photo shoot or anything. i love that we were able to take photos with mountains in the backdrop! it was fun to get away for a little bit and enjoy a preview of fall weather! next vacation we take, we'll have a baby (and so much more luggage) in tow!