Monday, September 16, 2019

birthday weekend in the mountains

Thomas and i decided to go on a quick mountain weekend trip for my birthday weekend at the end of august. it was a great weekend to go, because the weather was in the 50s-60s over that weekend and it felt like fall! the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool, hot tub, creek, deck, and a lobby full of games like pool and air hockey. it was a really cool place and we enjoyed it! i will enjoy it more when i can get in the hot tub though, for sure! baby can't get in the hot tub but i did let my feet take a dip, because hot tubs are my favorite! 

we just kinda hung around, exploring the little mountain towns around our hotel, getting cookies, playing air hockey, and going to thrift stores. we set up our tripod and took a few bump pictures together, because we aren't doing an official maternity photo shoot or anything. i love that we were able to take photos with mountains in the backdrop! it was fun to get away for a little bit and enjoy a preview of fall weather! next vacation we take, we'll have a baby (and so much more luggage) in tow!

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