Monday, September 23, 2019

the first date | year nine

yesterday, we went on our first date for the 9th time. we re-live our first date every year on September 22 and it's one of my favorite things about kicking off autumn. (2011-2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018) i mean it's basically just going out for coffee, but it's a lot of fun! and we always end up talking about how things have changed over the past year, this year is no exception since we have a baby on the way! (like....soon....due in 3 weeks!)

last year, on year eight, we hadn't begun talking about having a child yet. we were planning on building a house and weren't looking to buy one. a few things fell through with building a house, and we ended up buying our house in December. around that same time we started talking about having a child, and in February we found out that baby B had been created! now, as we celebrate our 9th time of going on our first date, we are only a few weeks away from meeting our little boy!

I had to decorate our cups with Mama B and Papa B because that's the biggest change in the past year! my job has changed a few times since last September also, which is crazy to think about! i was PRN (as needed) last year at this time, and didn't know yet when (or if) a full time position would be available. i ended up starting full-time in the ER at the end of October (11a-11p rotation w/ every other weekend), and then switched to a new hospital and Monday-Friday job this past July. i have worked for the same hospital system for the past year and a half since graduating from grad school, but have essentially had 3 different "jobs". 

i was hoping for some cooler weather this year, since our first date is always around the official beginning of fall. but no such luck! we had a few fall feeling mornings leading up to the weekend, but then the weekend was in the 80's again. our date was on a Sunday this year, so it was nice to have a weekend day to take our coffee and hang out at the lake/park and just chat. mostly dreaming about how we've been together for 8 years & how life will change next month when baby B arrives!

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