Friday, October 04, 2019

the third trimester

today, I was supposed to still be pregnant. I typed up this post and scheduled it for today because i wanted to write this up before baby got here. I was supposed to be 39 weeks tomorrow, and still have 1 week until the due date. but God and baby had other plans... and baby B is actually 6 days old today! but I still wanted to post my snapshot of the third trimester!

how i'm feeling
so the third trimester has been crazy because the first week i still felt pretty good, like i did during the second trimester. then one day i just hit a wall. the fatigue and nausea came back, and the fatigue was worse than the first trimester! i mean, i would go to work and 2 hours in be ready for bed that night already, haha! but seriously... i don't have much energy at all! 

my bump didn't grow much during the second trimester, but it's gradually getting bigger this trimester which makes it hard to move and breath! i have to stand up slow or my muscles stretch and hurt. i have to constantly change positions when sitting, standing, or laying because nothing stays comfortable for long. i also have been having random aches and pains which haven't been fun at all, and sometimes i can't lift my legs to put clothes on which has been challenging since i am still working and have to wear business casual! 

i've been frequently feeling baby move throughout the day since the second trimester, which has been cool! sometimes it hurts when he kicks depending on where he hits, but it's really cool to feel a little person moving inside my body! i bet it will be super weird when he's on the outside of my body and i no longer feel him moving in my belly. i've been able to see him moving from the outside too, which is neat... and Thomas has been able to feel and see him moving too! which has been fun!

baby showers
i know they tell you to have your showers 2 months prior to your due date, but i honestly wished we would've had them during my second trimester when i had energy, lol. i have been SO exhausted this trimester and our weekends have been packed with birthdays, showers, classes, and moving things around in our house to get ready for baby. (some of that is because we moved right before i got pregnant and had a 4 month delay on packing because of the fatigue of the first trimester. then we've been so busy we are still kinda getting our house "set" the way we wanted to, plus setting up the nursery!)

we had 3 baby showers before baby arrived, and our 4th one is actually today! i honestly didn't expect to have that many but they were all so much fun! it is great to have our friends and family who are already parents come to the shower because they know what things you actually need for a baby and what things have helped their kids! so we got some extra tips and items for baby that we hadn't thought about. at our first shower we also had everyone bring a book for baby, and so many wrote a little note in the book for baby B which i think will be so special for him to read in a few years! between showers & our 50 cent books from thrift stores, baby B already has an almost full bookshelf in his room! haha

hospital classes
we took a few prep classes at the hospital in August, and they were informative! but also a lot of information at one time. it didn't really overwhelm me, but it was just a lot to process. we took one class on birth and one class on breastfeeding. thankfully i took notes and we have some material we brought home to look over again before the birth! i wanted to take some classes because i've never given birth before (obviously) and i really don't know much about it. we both learned a lot and feel somewhat better prepared (i mean, as much as you can ever be prepared for birth and parenting... both things which are unpredictable!)

working during pregnancy
my job is one where it's constantly busy, i interact with people all day, and am on my feet a fair amount. it was a struggle when i was working 12 hour shifts in my first two trimesters, i can't imagine what 12 hour shifts during the third trimester would've been like! but even with the 8 hour shifts, this third trimester is rough while working full time. it's hard to move around and carry things across the hospital (i float to different floors, so in a different place almost every day), it's hard to sit down and document because i can't get comfortable sitting, and it's just hard to keep my eyes open and mind focused all day! 

when i had about 2 months left to go, my feet and ankles started swelling. at first it was just at night so it wasn't a huge issue. but then they started swelling during the day while i was at work and my work shoes became super tight. the first day it happened, it hurt to walk because my shoes were so tight. i can't wear open toed shoes at work because i have direct patient contact at the hospital, which stinks cause those fit so much better. i ended up having some shoes that fit a little looser and they helped so much. i started wearing compression socks and that helped also, but they still swelled/hurt at times. basically, the last few months of pregnancy at work has been no fun at all, haha!

i am definitely looking forward to maternity leave and having a few weeks off of work to have a break and focus on the baby. i know going back to work after maternity leave will be a huge adjustment, and it will be hard to work with a newborn also because of the lack of sleep, doctor appointments, and just being exhausted from caring for a newborn. but i'm trying not to think about the return to work right now! ;)

i was planning on working through 39.5 weeks and having my maternity leave be through Christmas. however, since baby B came early now I will have to return back to work before Christmas. I'm trying not to think about that right now though! so I worked up until going into labor, and left work 1.5 weeks early. it was getting pretty hard to get through the days at work, so I think my body needed to be done. honestly, cutting the third trimester short 2 weeks, and getting to meet baby sooner is a-ok with me! ;)

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