|| completed items are green || links to the blog post are to the right ||

o1 // be meaningfully involved in a church start (here)
o2 // serve in some capacity with my husband (media team at church)
o3 // read the entire Bible through 
o4 // pray for someone intentionally each day for a month (here)

o5 // travel outside of the country together (if i can convince my husband to get on a plane...)
o6 // photo shoot (December 2016 - the photo above is one of them!)
o7 // buy a house together (well, we sold our house! we plan to buy after i graduate in 2018!)
o8 // start the adoption application process (grad school may have pushed this back til after 30!)

09 // complete whole30 with my husband (here)
10 // bike 5 miles in one day (we biked around downtown Chattanooga on our trip)
11 // run a race (Candlelight 5k | June 2014 here & here)
12 // grow our own vegetables (if we buy that house before i turn 30!)

13 // pay off my student loans (paid off as of March 2016, read how we did it here)
14 // start a Roth IRA
15 // save $5,000 (thanks to selling our house we've been able to save!)

16 // ride a train (Great Smoky Mountain Railroad - here)
17 // visit 5 new restaurants (here)
18 // tour a vineyard (visited one here & will tour one later!)
19 // visit 3 new states (Ohio: herehere & here, Wyoming: here, & Delaware: here)
(DC not technically a state: herehere, we also visited Utah for a night on the way home from our honeymoon)

20 // get my master's degree (started Fall 2016 here | finished Spring 2018 here)
21 // write a story (October 26th series)
22 // have a complete technology free day (we actually had 5 days at the cabin!)
23 // make a piece of furniture (here)
24 // make a list of 100 things to be thankful for (i gave thomas 182 reasons i'm thankful for him! read about it here)
25 // pay for someone behind me in line
26 // make all of our Christmas gifts one year (did this in 2015, see our DIY's here)
27 // keep a written journal for a year (started here & shared writing prompts here)
28 // get a new pet (read about our 1st bunny here, our 2nd bunny here, & our 3rd bunny here)
29 // send more snail mail (blogged about a few: etsy swap | be brave cards | Christmas Exchange)
30 // do something out of my comfort zone (Renew blog retreat)