i am so very glad that you've stumbled upon this blog! i'm Robyn and the most important thing you need to know about me is that Jesus is my savior. the way i view life and the things i write about are through the lens of my faith because it is the very fabric of who i am.

i'm equally left-brained and right-brained, so i'm basically a big ball of all the things - logical, analytical, empathetic, creative, planner, dreamer, do-er, & lots of other things that seemingly don't fit together. in my spare time i love to hike, thrift store hop, snap photos, take road trips, people watch, and go on adventures! i'm crazy about animals and i enjoy crafting, snail mail, creating memories, and living in the carolinas!

my husband and i are expecting our first child, and so excited that a little boy is going to join our family soon! we know our lives will change once we have a little one running around the house, but we are ready for it (well, as much as you can ever be ready for parenthood, haha)!

Robyn's Nest was birthed out of a desire for a creative outlet, a place of rest & a way to process life. i started this blog to document my attempts at being crafty, recipes i'm making, adventures i'm taking & things i'm learning! you'll find a little bit of everything here - faith, marriage, crafts, recipes, adventures, and just the everyday moments of life.

i want this place to reflect the real me - messes, doubts, and fears included. i want this to be a place where you peek into my life and think "what, you too?!" as life continues getting busier, this place is getting slower. but i still love to come here & process the good, hard, and beautiful things in life. i absolutely love connecting with others & making new friends - so don't hesitate to say hello or shoot me an email!

like i said i'm crazy about animals & i have a knack for taking a zillion photos, so enjoy seeing all of the quirky things our past & current pets have been up to:
Dixie the basset (current) - post | blog | instagram
Bailey the sheltie (past) - post | instagram
Albie the mini rex/dwarf (past, RIP) - post | instagram
Finn the holland lop (past, RIP) - post | instagram
Luna the mini lop (current) - postinstagram
Gregg the groundhog (past) - instagram
also, check out Albie & Luna's instagram account!

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welcome to Robyn's Nest! say hello & i hope you'll stay awhile!