Why Do I Blog?
I have kept a written journal, in some form or fashion, since I was in middle school. I think I have filled up dozens upon dozens of notebooks in my lifetime. I absolutely love reading back through journals years later. I love thinking about how things have played out since the time I wrote about them & I especially love seeing how God has used those things in my life. 

It's kinda strange to me how we don't notice when we change because we are constantly around ourselves & in our own mind. It's like hair growing... It grows everyday and gradually gets longer & longer, but we don't notice the day to day changes because they are so gradual. Until that day when we look in the mirror and realize our hair is getting long. It's especially apparent if you have a picture of yourself from months or years ago. If you compare the picture to the image in the mirror, you can see how much change has actually happened. I like to imagine journal entries as pictures of ourselves at the time that we write them. Every entry is a snapshot into our lives at that specific point in time. 

I read through some of my high school and even college journals recently, and I have to admit I am a radically different person today. Years ago I worried about so many trivial things. My desires, perceptions, and priorities were so completely different than they are at present. Writing thoughts down in the moment & then reading back through them years later shows me just how much God's fingerprints are all over my life! I love seeing evidence of how far God has brought me and how much He has shaped me. It also reminds me that he is nowhere near being finished! 

Why did I start this blog?
I started this blog to capture snapshots of my life. I want to write down my thoughts on marriage & life as I'm living it. I want to be able to look back through this blog & see how I've developed as a believer, a wife, & a person. I want to process my thoughts when thinking through things, accept advice from other bloggers, & possibly encourage someone along the way.

I also started this blog as a place of rest. Life is so busy & hectic. 40+ hours of my week are spent in the world of accounting & in a corporate environment, and it is exhausting. The way I like to unwind is to do things with my hands. It may not sound restful, but I enjoy making stuff. I am definitely a left brain thinker & that's why I enjoy accounting, but I have a little right brain in me as well. I'm no expert crafter by any means, but I enjoy it. & I enjoy sharing what I'm up to.

As I've entered the blogging world, I've sensed the community & friendships birthed here. I want to be a part of that. I want to get to know other people in different places than me - learn from them, share with them, encourage them.